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Here is a new Urban Terror clan. So here is the website, You can apply in the section Recruit.So good visit and don't be surprise if you see some french apply :) it a french clan to :) have fun
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PostSubject: Application    Sun Nov 25, 2012 3:05 am

4-Ex clan:W2z
5:Why we should accept you: Hello leaders and members, i would like to join this clan becuase i would like to improve my skills furthur more and also i want to be honored in a good clan. Additionally, i heared that these members are really nice and has amazing skills in urt.
6-What you can give to the clan (like skill ect...):Skills and some fun
7-How many time you played urt: about 1.5 Years
8-How can we contact you(xfire,skype ect):

Xfire: vecpeco


Facebook: Dominik Domac Koljđeraj (Zvani Gennaro Gattuso)
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